I don’t need you to text me every day

Darling, I already know you’re thinking about me.

A lot of people (okay, women) say they “need” a lot of texting — “at least once a day,” and ideally a lot more than even that.

And on the surface, no big deal. The problem I have with it is why.

Continuous reassurance.

One woman admitted the need for regular texting is “to show you’re thinking about me.”

And, like… damn, girl. Get it together.

I already know you’re thinking about me. I mean, alright, more accurately: I assume you’re thinking about me, with enough confidence that I don’t worry too much about whether I’m wrong or right.

I’m secure about the fact that I’m on your mind because, for one reason: I’m one of the most love-avoidant people I know and I’m thinking about you off and on throughout the day more times than I can even count, so… logic would dictate you’re doing the same.

If you’re not thinking about me, that’s on you and not me

Another woman admitted “part of it is, too, that people ghost so much that if I don’t hear from you for a full day I’m like ‘uh, kinda gettin iced. It’s done. Welp, RIP. Nice knowin you, you know?”

Uh. Okay, fine. Then we’re rolling to a slow fade and it’s not meant to be. And like… boy, bye.

I’d rather have no text at all than some obligatory “blood text” I wrung from your reluctant paws.

Text when you want to text. My secret win here is that each time you do, I can rest assured it was because you actually wanted to.

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