Darling, let me pour you a whisky

Let me share a little intrigue with you

Let me give you something you might like

I know you’re not too sure of whisky or whether you’ll even like it. Or maybe you already know you do.

But whichever it is, maybe you’ll like this. Maybe I can give you a little something that changes your day. And if you hate it, it’s still a story, and I’ll finish it for you.

Let me share something that I like.

This is me letting you in.

Let me let you see this edge of my world. Let me show and tell this thing to you that means something to me.

I want you to like it, sure, but moreover I want to offer up a little vulnerability and extend some generosity and take one tiny step in your direction. Let me care for you by giving and sharing.

If I pour you what I think you’ll like, I’m exposing my knowledge and judgment to your feedback. If I share what I like, I’m exposing my tastes and very being to you.

Let me hunter-gather info

Let me learn your palate. Let me figure out the way you like to drink. Let me guess and check.

If you already like whiskies, I’ll ask which ones. If you don’t, I’ll ask what you normally drink. Either way, I’m dying to know what foods — especially bread and condiments — you most like.

Let me learn what you are (and are not) into, and let me add it to my working knowledge — of whiskey and of you.

Let me have you in this way.

Let me have this sip of intimacy.

Let me in your mouth and throat. Let me watch your eyes and lips as you taste what I’ve done for you. Let me live vicariously for a moment, and recall the way that one was for me. Let’s compare notes. Let’s have this side by side.

Let me touch you tender roughly gently.

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