All of the little moments I think about you

Tbh it’s like all the time

When I wake up

In the first few moments of the day, before I fully pull it together, when I’m looking up blindly at fuzzy strips of light reaching for me from the window. When I remember I’m still in bed and shit feels good and I don’t have to get up for a few minutes, you might as well still be there with me.

When I get an iced coffee from that place with the cupcakes you like

The only ones I’ve ever bought there were the ones I got for you, and sometimes while I’m waiting on the barista I like to guess which you’d order if you were there, too.

When it’s hot out.

Or cold, or raining (even a little), or humid, or foggy, or thundering, or just starting to snow.

Because every tiny change in weather makes you melt a little — either with “omg I literally can’t possibly” or sheer delight — and that spectrum is darling. For the most part.

When I see a blooming tree that looks even remotely like a magnolia

Because it reminds me of that one time I yanked down a magnolia branch for you to smell and pulled so hard I broke it. And then felt so bad I dragged it home with us.

When I’m driving your car

Which lately, is every day.

Especially most every time I shift, because I still do so poorly. Except for those few times I pretty much fucking nail it while accelerating, making a turn or switching lanes, and wish you were there to nod in silent approval.

When I see a particularly bad driver

And you’re not there to echo back to me in agreement, “holy shit, they are the worst!”

And there are a lot of them here in the south.

When I have a particularly ridiculous customer or my boss has found yet another new lunatic antic

Did he just address me as “hey, girl”?

I’m not even sure you like hearing these stories as much as I fucking love telling them, because sometimes ya just had to be there, but you’re the first and only person I want to tell, so I always immediately think of you.

Whenever a customer hits on me

Not by way of comparison, because there isn’t one. So it’s more a little like, “lmao… nah, son. No.”

Whenever I hear a woman with a super thick southern accent

Just because I know how much you fucking hate it, lol

Pretty much every time I see a cat gif

Which is damn near all the time.

I only send like 1/1,000 to you. Because I’m not a damn crazy person.

My first sip of my after-work beer when I’m still closing down the bar

I get to imagine you enjoying the same simple pleasure in some other bar earlier in the night.

Whenever someone complains about their love life or partner

Because mines pretty rad

When I’m falling asleep

And tbh I totally imagine you’re there.

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