Signs they love you

Even early on

They want to be your best friend (and then some)

And they treat you with the same special consideration. When they talk to you, they ask tons of questions — and then actually listen.

They’re invested in deeply understanding you. And they go out of their way to make you laugh. You are a cut above. Whatever they do with others, they do more with you.

They make you a priority — for time and attention

They rearrange their lives to fit you in.

People love themselves and their own lives, so if they start forgoing any of that to be with you, that’s a good sign.

It doesn’t have to be all their free time. It doesn’t even have to be every day. And it certainly doesn’t have to be as much as you want, if your idea of “enough time” is higher than theirs.

They’re present

When you’re together, you’re together. They aren’t watching TV or on their phone; they aren’t zoning out while you’re talking, or interrupting while you’re talking, or talking about shit you don’t care about.

Their mind is on the moment.

They’re transparent

They use words. It may not be the three words you want most to hear, but there will be words — compliments, reassurances, sweet nothings.

They help you

They’ll give you a hand with everyday things. But they’ll also go to bat for you and have your back when needed.

They touch you gently

They ball you discreetly.

They’ll hold your hand and give you hugs and put their hand on your lower back, sure, but they’ll also touch you in infinite other ways that remind you of the way you’d touch something very dear to you.

They want to adventure with you

The more they want to do with you, the more interested they are.

It’s one thing to drunkenly suggest that they two of you should “totally go to Napa Valley together!”

It’s another thing to actually find yourselves there.

They start planning the future with you

You’re included in their future plans, and the short-term ones actually happen.

Many people take their lives seriously, and thrive when they believe you’re working toward developing a lifelong commitment or a family or at least a healthy, thriving partnership.

They share their world

They let you in.

They share their music, the books they’re reading, their favorite films. They share tiny, stupid details of their lives, and then they share their dreams.

They share *your* world

Your pain is their pain. Your happiness is their happiness. Your day is their day. Your aspirations are theirs, too.

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