The sort of partner you deserve

Gives back exactly what you give.

If you love big, they should love big.

If you take care with their feelings, they should take with yours.

If you don’t trash their vulnerabilities, they should show you the same consideration.

If you listen, they should listen.

If you care, they should care.

If you’re emotionally self-sufficient but also emotionally honest, they should offer the same thing.

If you bring solutions, not just complaints, they should too.

If you try to understand them before trying to talk, they should too.

If you are emotionally healthy and mature, they should be too.

If you take care of your own emotio al needs as well as theirs, rather than using them to backfill for yourself, they should do the same.

And above all else, if you care for their well-being as your own, they should too.

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