6 healthy relationship habits we mistake as toxic

1. Not responding right away

You shouldn’t be each others number one priority literally every single moment.

I mean, sure, you should definitely prioritize each other in life. You should like each other that much. But that shouldn’t translate to a literal minute by minute demonstration, and it definitely shouldn’t come down to a minute by minute test.

2. Letting shit go

Look, not everything needs to be discussed. There’s some shit The Boy does that irritates me and I’ve never mentioned it — and I’m sure vice versa.

You don’t constantly need to be prodding each other over everything. Handle some shit on your own.

3. Being willing to hurt each other’s feelings

And then talk it out.

But we do enough pussy-footing in everyday life as it is — don’t do it with your partner.

4. Spending time apart

You are not attached at the hip, and pretending you are isn’t cute after 7th grade.

Be your own people. You’ll bring a lot more to the table if you are.

5. Being attracted to other people

You’re a human. I’m a human. Your partner is, also, probably a human.

Humans are attracted to other humans. I don’t want to date someone who mentally dampens anything, and as long as he’s not being a dick about it, he doesn’t have to pretend he didn’t notice anything.

6. Breaking up if it’s not working

What’s toxic is holding it together with forced “date nights” and “trying new things” and pretending you’re not having the same talk over and over and over.

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