It’s the little things

I’ll take a cold beer over white tableclothed champagne most any day

I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a lot of “nice” things in life — international travel, first class flights, five star hotels, a box at the Kentucky Derby, luxury cars, fine dining, bottles of Dom…

And I can answer with absolute,quiet certainty: ain’t none of it hold a candle to the little things, truly special in their smallness and simplicity.

The first sip of a cold beer on a warm summer afternoon. The first crisp fall day when we can finally wrap ourselves in a sweater. The first snowfall of the season, when we don’t have to drive the next day. The first bite of our favorite dessert. (Apparently there are a lot of firsts.) But other shit too — whiskers on kittens and shit. Or so I hear.

Anyway, a lot of people agree with these things, but then we forget about them in relationships. We have “little things” amnesia, reverting back to pulling out all the stops for holidays, birthdays and the like. Even date night, a tiny thing meant to be “everyday,” can slip into extravaganza if we’re not careful.

If you can’t enjoy the little things, you’ll never enjoy the big things. If you can’t make tiny, simple gestures feel good, there’s no use chasing fancy shit.

And if little, simple things feel good, then you don’t need the big things.

Either way, the “little things in life” is the extent of the “things that really matter.”

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