When everything is hard, breathe

Taking care of ourselves is most important when it’s hardest

Stress hits us all in different ways, especially when it’s multi-layered and mixed with emotions.

If we ignore it, we start to get physiological side effects — fatigue, illness, etc. We’re tired without understanding why, we get sick in the dead of summer, the smallest things seem insurmountable.

Life hurts. And life’s unexpected ugliness hurts worst of all. There is no “wrong” way to feel.

There is always sadness, always suffering — some times, more than others, at the hands of harmful people.

And the most we can do when we get hurt, when other humans do not take care with one another’s lives and very existences, is breathe. Breathe in, admit to our pain, breathe out, well wishes and a heart-forward intent to send love out into the universe — for others, and also for ourselves.

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