Only You Can Solve Your Problems

But I’ll be damned if we don’t still want to be there along the way

I want the best for you. We all do. Most of us want the best for everyone, and that includes anyone and everyone we meet, online and IRL. But, of course, I’ve already told you this. I tell you all the time, directly and indirectly, in the same way I tell The Boy I care about him each time I listen to him talk about his day and hold space.

We all want the very best for you.

We wish we could always tell you the right things at the right time. We wish we knew exactly what to say before the moment is lost. We certainly wish we could give you the answers — everything actionable, all boiled down to simple, easy steps — but the fact is, we can’t.

We can’t actually do the work. We can’t actually make the solutions happen. We can only talk and think and share and listen, but we can’t actually be the change. That’s on you.

But on the upside: it’s all you.

Beauty is waiting for you to find it. Happiness is waiting for you to create. Everything you could ever need for emotional wellbeing and contentment and bliss is well within your reach — and yours alone.

If the people who loved you could do the work, we would. We would shoulder that burden, we would share that weight. But we can’t.

We can talk about change, share ideas on change, listen and give feedback and walk through ideas. We can motivate, we can inspire, we can tough love.

But at the end of the day, we can’t be you. We can’t be the change you wish to see in your world. We can’t make your life what it is that you want. That’s all yours. Your life is your masterpiece, and the most beautiful part about it is that its entirely yours to shape and mold. And, if you want a good one, it is imperative. You must.

We’ll be here, though. Rooting for you, cheerleading, urging, supporting, and smiling when you finally report back to us “I did it.” And we’ll agree, “yeah, you did.”

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