Love Won’t Save Your Life

And neither will work

Nothing external is going to save you

Your life is still your own.

I’m not downplaying the amazing things that happen in love and work — and how incredibly important they are to our wellbeing — because they are the two most important things to making our lives meaningful.

That, and the right attitude. A cultivation of a rich inner self.

That’s the thing that actually matters most — because it’s the only thing 100% in our control; meaning the only thing we control, and us being the only ones who control it.

Nothing external — love or work — is truly our domain. So the more we pretend that our life hinges on either, the more we hamstring ourselves.

Love and work won’t save you from yourself.

It won’t resolve your insecurities. It won’t create a sense of self worth. It won’t resolve feelings of inadequacy or fear of being alone. They won’t save you from boredom or existential crisis or cynicism, and hanging our hat on something external definitely won’t resolve our codependency.

Love and work are not solutions to real internal imbalances.

They are supposed to be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

If you enter into love or work with feelings of insecurity, especially if you are looking for them to resolve that, those feelings will only grow stronger once there.

Love and work are not the answer. Nothing external is the answer.

If you want to save your life, you have to be the one who does the work. And only then can you enjoy the fruits of it being even more meaningful through love and work.

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