Happiness comes from within

From being non-attached to things, people — even beliefs.

This world is full of everything

And much of it we can’t control — loss, change, sadness…

The constant uncertainty regarding universe can cause us a great deal of anxiety if we let it.

Because we crave control. And we fight anything that puts it at risk. Which is everything outside of ourselves. Which means we live most of our lives fighting the universe. But saying we’re not.

Rather than yielding to worry… or giving in to anxiety… or distracting ourselves… or pushing everything away… the solution is in acknowledging these feelings, gently; honestly. And making peace with them.

And making peace, moreover, with the universe, and the fact that it — and none of its people or things or fluke happenings — are ever ours to control.

We do not need to be so anxious about what is to come. We can make peace with how we fit into the universe; we can exist without anxiety or depression or trying so damn hard to control or dwell on or wrap ourselves up in or saddle ourselves with everything — except ourselves.

We can have that.

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