How We Might Love (Both Lightly And Forever)

They are free to stay or leave. We are free to love them either way.

Love can be both a deep and carefree sort of affair.


We can love lightly.

We can appreciate that we have no dominion over anyone else — that their lives are their own.

We can recognize that the only claim we have is the one we choose for ourselves — it is our prerogative to wake up each morning and feel how we feel about others; to feel any which way we’d like and continue to recommit if we so choose.

But that doesn’t mean we can ask the same of them.

But regardless of how things end, either person leaving is just one half of it. In the same way that anyone else decides their lives, we can go on deciding our own.


We all have agency over ourselves. And we have agency over our feelings towards others. Those are always ours to keep.

And the most we can hope for is to feel grateful to have at least had some time together, which will fade into a pleasant, pretty blip in what is otherwise the fabric of our lives.

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