You Don’t Need To “Feel Like It”

Life doesn’t wait for you to “want to”

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I’ve said before that “motivation and inspiration are the biggest crocks of the universe.”

Just like “love” being an and a successful relationship hinging on always “feeling” like it. Lol, it doesn’t.

We all get irritated with our partners sometimes. We all fade in and out in the intensity of our feelings. And some days, we don’t feel like it.

And the point is: it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t feel like writing today.

It took me an hour to decide what to write because I didn’t want to write bullshit that didn’t reflect where I was mentally, but I also didn’t have anything more revealing to say, so I was sort of stuck, because all I’m really experiencing is a kind of mild okayness and not a ton of conviction about anything in any one way. I just want to sit and be still.

And yet, here I am.

Lea Babauta of Zen Habits wrote,

“Some days, you don’t have anything. Some days, you don’t knock it out of the park.”

And as Leo Babauta writes of one of his “not great” days,

“On a day like this, I sat still. It was all I could do. I looked inward… I stayed with it, just giving it my attention. It wasn’t so bad. Everything was OK. Not brilliant, but not so bad.”

And what he realized — what we all realize on days like these — is:

“Some days, you have nothing, but that’s OK.”

Doing things isn’t based on waiting for feelings.

And the answer, on any day like this, is twofold:

  • With regard to the things you must do, you must do them. In fact, on days like these more than any other, it is imperative that you get out of bed, leave the apartment, and write the blog post — anything to keep you moving forward, however slowly.
  • Go gently, however, and honor yourself even while moving. You don’t have to be cruel or dismissive; you don’t have to silence. You have to move, but you can do so gently. You can face it, sit with it, stay, and say it by name. You can write it down and say the words, “I didn’t feel like writing.” But you still should.

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