Professions I Couldn’t Date

A working list of professions I probably wouldn’t jive with:


Look, I love what they put out, but I really can’t do more than brief periods of time together. There’s just a way of “thinking” – being – that makes for a designer, and that’s not me.

In software, I have found that most managers are either biased toward designers or biased toward developers, and I am definitely the latter.

Fine artists

And I don’t mean fiiiiiine artists, though frankly those aren’t my type, either.

The idea of standing around at gallery openings bores me to tears.

Other writers

lol, no. There’s only enough for one of us to have silly little idiosyncrasies such as these, and frankly I need someone thoroughly rooted to The Real World to keep my conversations from getting too lofty.

Also, I hate talking about the craft.

I hate talking about “The Process” even more.


Left to my devices, I easily slip into “hypochondria” territory. If I had a doctor around 24/7, I would drive him crazy with questions.


Mostly because I could never date an SJ (Myers Briggs “guardians,” both “sensor” and “judging”), and these are some real SJ mothafuckers.

Also, I heard that lawyers are some of the unhappiest people, because they’ve trained their brains to look for faults, and then fault-finding seeps into their real life. And as someone dating a race engineer who periodically forgets that I am not also a race car to optimize, I believe it.

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