What kind of bike do you have?

Black 2007 695 Ducati Monster. Older than “a new bike;” not as old as my first bike.

He doesn’t have a name, but he does have a personality, best exemplified by an adorable, excited duck. (Unless it’s cold.)

What was your first bike?

Black 1982 750 Yamaha Maxim. Older than me. I shipped it to my dad.

How long have you been riding?

Since summer 2014. Bought the bike before I even had my license, and rode it all the way to Canada a few weekends later.

Any favorite rides around town?

Nah, son. Mostly commuting to and from work and picking up groceries. My bike is my car. We take one of my partner’s cars for road trips.

Have you ridden the Blue Ridge Parkway / Tail of the Dragon??

Yes and no. I prefer to go with my partner. One, for the company. Two, he’s into enthusiast (car) racing, so he’s got spritely cars and together it makes for a spirited drive.

(“Aw, you gotta ride those!!” k.)

Did you get into riding because of [your dad, a boyfriend]?

lol. no.

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Can we meet?

Is this the first time we’ve talked? Then no. Don’t be weird.

I have a question about writing

Please see FAQ on Writing.

I have a question about my relationship

I’d invite you to start here. 

Can I contact you?

Bro. There’s a whole contact page.

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